About Me

The Art of all Things

Hi my Name is Sam I’m currently a stay at home mom, which means I’m a professional tutor, cook, seamstress, chuffer, Nurse, Maid, contractor, engineer, dj and cleaner.  I’m a mom of two kids, two salamanders, one sugar glider and one dog and co pilot to my Husband Kurtis.

I grew up in a tiny little town in Rural Montana.  If you think your town was small my graduating class was one of the bigger to graduate from my school and I graduated with 32 wonderful friends of mine.  I grew up on a farm where we changed pipe, moved cows, bottle fed cows, hauled hay, branded, enjoyed 4-H and where I was able to run through the field and play in the creek at will.  Growing up where I did I believe has made me the down to earth person I think I am today,but I’ll let you all be the judges of that.

I’m an avid sports watcher/lover, I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, softball, running track, and playing football at recess with the guys.  I’m a tiny bit competitive but try to keep it under control now that I’m an adult however the one person I am still very competitive with is my husband we are not allowed to be on the same team when we play games mostly board/card games otherwise tension arises. Neither of us likes to lose but it would be really bad if both of us lost.

I’ve worked in many areas but the one I get the most inquiry about is my Alaska fishing boat job.  I spent two summers working on a fishing boat for a relative of mine in Alaska.  Now before you go off thinking that I’m some super heroic or crazy person for doing this let me tell you that this boat wasn’t like the fishing boats you see on tv this was a ship I worked as a Deck Hand while at sea and I was a machine operator when we were processing.  There was very little danger in the type of work we did.  It was however an amazing way to spend two summers doing and seeing things that most people won’t ever see or do their entire lives.

Now I’m a “city” girl as my parent put it but still a country girl at heart.  I live in Woods Cross Utah and enjoy being able to stay at home and help my children grow.  I’m an active member of my church and enjoy helping those around me.  I love to Sew, cook, and tinker around with just about anything I can find.  I love having projects much to the derision of my husband however he is always impressed when I am done.  And I Love love love music.  I will try to let you guys in on my playlists when i remember as they help create a lot of inspiration in my projects.

I’m starting this blog to share my experiences with you.  I believe that the success or failure of a project are equally important we can learn so much from both, and if I can help anyone along the way with mine I figure there is only success in the end.  Thanks for reading.



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