Egg In the Hole

So last night the Hubby had a Work party so we ended up eating out at Red Lobster and it was delicious.  But since I didn’t get to post a dinner recipe I decided to post a quick and easy Breakfast recipe. I LOVE BREAKFAST FOOD.  I could live on breakfast food alone I’m pretty sure.  So I don’t know why I haven’t shared a recipe for breakfast food yet.  Probably because I just figure that everyone likes their breakfast their own way I don’t know. But here we go yay!

IMG_20151208_072140975Egg in the Hole


  • 1 slice of your favorite bread
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tbs Butter
  • Salt, Pepper to taste ( I like to use seasoning salt and a hint of onion powder on mine just for a little kick of flavor)


Get your pan out and on the stove warming over med/hi heat.  Next add in your butter and get it melted.IMG_20151208_071541634.jpg

While it’s melting use a cup or if you have a circle cutter you could use it, and cut a hole in the center of your bread. This is your basket!  DON’T through the center away we are going to cook that as well. It makes a great little dipping piece.

Now that your hole is cut and the butter is melted put your bread in and swirl it around so it gets butter on it then flip it over and get the other side all buttery.


Take your hole bread piece and soak up the butter on the sides the same way and then set it to the side while you cook your egg in a basket.

Go back to your basket and Crack your Egg into it.  Add your seasonings lightly to the top. (They don’t need much) Now let it cook for about a min or two before flipping it over. You want the egg to cook to the bread and the bread to get nice and golden brown.

Now flip it over and repeat the last step on the other side.  Your egg in the hole is done when you can push on the top and it doesn’t wiggle all over anymore. IMG_20151208_072004826.jpg

The trick is you want the egg yolk to still be soft and runny but have the rest of the egg and toast cooked.

Once your egg in the basket is done it’s time to cook your hole.  Just gently toast it in the pan and that’s it… you’re done!!


Simple, Easy, and Delicious.


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